The Case for Outcomes


Outcome measurement are utilized to Evaluate, Improve, Educate, and Advocate



Agency leadership, staff, referral sources, and Board of Directors are provided with valuable data. They gain a perspective on how programs and services are performing.



Treatment planning can be guided by accurate admission assessments and examination of risk factors. Documented agency and program challenges may be turned into areas of improvement. Funding sources like to see and invest in improvement.



Through outcome data and reports the agency staff become more aware and educated on the value of their work. Board of Directors will be able to make better informed decisions on programs and services.



Accurate, comprehensive data supports advocacy for children and families at the local, state, and national level. Outcomes data helps advocates support their case with verifiable numbers.



Child welfare agencies nationwide are encouraged to join the Outcome Measures Project. Participating agencies will receive annual data reports analyzing outcomes for the children and families with whom they work. Agencies can benchmark their outcomes with aggregated outcomes in similar programs. In addition, anonymized data from agencies within Indiana will be included in the Project’s publications.

Better understanding the outcomes your agency is achieving is vital to internal efforts to improve services and evaluate programs. This data is also helpful when engaging with funders, legislators, regulators, family and child advocates, and the media.

Participating agencies collect and submit individual data through the Project’s web application. Participating agencies receive no cost training and technical support throughout the year.

The Project has a number of safeguards in place to keep participating agencies’ data confidential as possible. Participating agencies and the Project enter into a contract that addresses data confidentiality.

The Project charges participating agencies a reasonable annual fee to participate. Fees typically range from $2000 to $4000 but can vary based on an agency’s size and complexity.



To find out more information about whether the Outcome Measures Project is right for your agency, please contact Project Coordinator, Mark Hess at (317) 849-8497 or